All the shouting and insulting us every minute for one and a half hours. At first we just sat in silence, waiting for when we give the word. But in the middle of filming, we realized that if we wait “for something”, then so be silent all the gear and we will simply insulting, so I had something from time to time to respond to this whole farce. A producer is constantly insulted us, just five minutes he could not remain silent in order not to shout out to my address and some nasty phrases Dominica, when I told him that he is completely absent and the education of the concept of such a word as “etiquette,” he very angry and said I was insulting him. I asked what? He could not answer. But his remark that I was insulting him there …)))))))))))))) …. The leading ten minutes brought to the tears of your questions Nastya, it was all cut, and there was only a cruel mockery of his “tears on wheels.” Severely … During the break I asked that at least gave me the opportunity present itself. Unfortunately my view was cut. As well as insulting the guests and people from the audience, an endless stream poured down on us …. But my answers are rare where I just had to put them in place, all saved, and moreover, they are completely inserted neumestno.To have questions alone, and completely answers to other questions … Exposed so that I seemed to be dim-witted, aggressive “doll”, which has little to esoteric relationship. In addition, I would like to add that the studio was very
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Valeria Lukyanova Amatue installation of this show, it was to put me in a bad form of

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