The Act Gameplay Trailer – An Interactive story. Think along the lines of the original Dragon's Lair and even Don Bluth-like animation Download ($2.99) – Introducing The Act — an exciting new interactive comedy that makes gaming feel like playing a classically-animated movie. Take control of Edgar, a humble window washer, and help him on his quest to save his job, rescue his brother, and woo the woman of his dreams! • INTUITIVE In The Act, you control both Edgar's actions and emotions. Swiping left or right with your finger will cause Edgar to react in different ways, and engage with other characters. Be careful, though, swipe too far and Edgar may get over-confident and things can get out of hand! • BEAUTIFUL Everything about The Act is beautiful, from its classic hand-drawn style, to its warm-hearted character animations, to its captivating storyline. It's unlike anything else on the App Store. • HILARIOUS With amazing, downright-hysterical animations throughout the game, The Act is a tremendous amount of fun for anyone. TAGS = ytquality=high the act gameplay trailer “the act trailer” “the act gameplay trailer” “gameplay trailer” ios iphone ipod ipad ipad2 ipad3 “the new ipad” “ipod touch” touch ipod4g ipod3g iphone4s iphone4 iphone3gs apple interactive story “interactive story game” universal chillingo
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The Act Gameplay Trailer iPhone/iPod/iPad (Universal)

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