*** WATCH THIS FULL SCREEN IN 720P HD FORMAT! *** Timelapse footage of the annual Perseid Meteor Shower in August. The slow, horizontal lights are airplanes. The fast, vertical streaks are the meteors. Many are faint so you'll only see most fo them if you follow the instructions above and view this in 720P HD and expand the video full screen. This footage is all from the Perseid Meteor shower in 2009. I'm working on a new timelapse video to cover 2010-2012 as well as other meteor showers such as the Geminids in December. I've written a blog post on my no-moon shooting technique: Producing Milky Way Images activesole.blogspot.com You can also create a timelapse video from a sequence of night images: Create A Timelapse Video of a Meteor Shower activesole.blogspot.com Lastly, this is 100% real, 0% fake. Here in the Eastern Sierra region of California and Nevada where I live, we have very few people to produce light pollution, very dry, clear skies, and we can drive to elevations over 11000 feet there there is less air and pollution to shoot through. These links to more of my night photography clearly demonstrate that I have no need to fake any of this: plus.google.com www.youtube.com
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