Just as we have all settled in for the Olympics, the NFL has decided its time to tout its Thursday Night Football and NFL.com Fantasy Football with new work from David & Goliath. The campaign, entitled Serious Fun, is just that. In one spot, Mountain, a jolly fellow asks, “Do you like winning? How about fun and high fives? Are you into those? No talk to me about man hugs.” Somehow it all leads to football, Thursday night football beginning in September. In a second, we are told our spokesman has “a little ding dong for your liberty bell.” In other words, NFL Fantasy Football. In a third, our man gets all sports-like and asks if we like “punts, kick offs, blitzes and blocks…penalties?” He then gives us the finger. Well, not that kind of finger. The big sports fan finger…atop a skyscraper. All three spots are quirky and kooky and, as our spokesman says, serious fun. Thankfully, the campaign isn't of the predictable ilk. You know, those sports campaigns that can't help but shove the camera into the middle of the action on the field and then play it back in slow motion so it looks way more exciting than it really is. This is not that. And that's a very good thing.
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NFL Thursday Night Football Gets Quirky (Mountain)

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