This is (for the price) a tremendous value: Android 4.2: Snappiest / most buttery Android device I've used Screen Feel: My fingers glide (LOVE) Screen Text: Clear – eyes can't tell difference between it and a Retina Screen Images: Vibrant, good representation of color Chrome: VERY smooth scroll, pinch-to-zoom drops frames Still Camera: Fine (undersaturated, noisy in low light); iPhone 5 trumps HDR: slow, imbalanced color output (currently VERY unoptimized) Maps: Extremely responsive, smooth zooms Google+ App: Scrolls more smoothly than the iOS version (?!) Fingerprints: Hello?! It's a smartphone. :) Feel in hand: Incredibly light!!! Single-hand operation: a bit of a stretch, BUT workable Default Messages: Messaging, Messenger, Talk (quite a MESS, confusing) Gmail: Fluid (“Hide pictures in messages” only has a “Yes” option) Rear Speaker: tinny (voice-optimized?), muted (tolerable) while on a surface Photosphere: Eh. Far from seamless or balanced between frames
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Nexus 4 Phone Unboxing & First Impressions (LIVE!)

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