's “Back Home” continues with a visit to Hope Solo's in Seattle where we meet her pets, check out her view and talk to her about why she decided to move back to the Pacific Northwest, where she grew up and went to college. Watch More Back Home: Alex Morgan: Daughter of Diamond Bar [Part 1] – Alex Morgan: Pride of the Brahmas [Part 2] – Carli Lloyd: New Jersey State of Mind [Part 1] – Carli Lloyd: Delran to the Pros [Part 2] – Hope Solo: Solo on the Sound [Part 1] – Hope Solo: Emerald City 'Keeper [Part 2] – Lauren Cheney: Always Indy [Part 1] – Lauren Cheney: A Lady Giant [Part 2] – Megan Rapinoe: Redding Royalty [Part 1] – Megan Rapinoe: “B” in PE [Part 2] – Kelley O'Hara: Kelley by the Bay [Part 1] –
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Hope Solo: Solo on the Sound [Back Home]

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