www.euronews.com Initial reports from Myanmar speak of more than a dozen people dead, following an earthquake in the centre of the Asian country. The quake of magnitude 6.8 hit early today more than 100 kilometres northwest of Mandalay according to the US Geological Survey. It is said to be the biggest earthquake in the region for 20 years. The humanitarian organisation Save The Children has counted 13 fatalities and 40 injured who have been admitted to local hospitals. Residents rushed from their homes and have been afraid to go back indoors for fear of further tremors. Local media say homes collapsed, as did a gold mine and a bridge under construction. The initial tremor was felt as far away as the Thai capital Bangkok. Two magnitude 5 aftershocks quickly followed. Earthquakes are not unknown in Burma. Last year dozens were killed by a strong quake near the borders with Laos and Thailand. Find us on: Youtube bit.ly Facebook www.facebook.com Twitter twitter.com
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First deaths reported in Myanmar earthquake

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