Russian football fans clashed with police and Poland supporters in separate incidents in Warsaw tonight, shortly before the two teams were to meet in an emotionally charged match at Euro 2012. Police said 10 people were injured; seven Poles, two Russians and one German. In what appeared to be the most violent incident, Polish football hooligans were seen attacking Russians, who responded violently. The two sides, made up of dozens of men, kicked and beat each other in the face, while flares could be seen exploding in their midst. Several people lay injured and bleeding on the ground, with one of them appearing to be seriously hurt. Poland and Russia fans were also seen fighting and throwing stones outside the stadium. There were a number of other incidents as well, which came as about 5000 Russia fans waving their country's flag marched to the stadium in a show of patriotism seen as provocative to many Poles. The march was considered a huge security challenge and police were bracing for possibly more trouble after the match. The two countries share a difficult history, including decades of control by Moscow over Poland during the Cold War. Many Poles felt the Polish authorities should not have allowed the Russians to march as a group in Warsaw given the historical wounds. Russia fans clashed with police on a bridge near the National Stadium and police were later seen making arrests.
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Euro 2012 Violence: Russian, Polish Hooligans Clash In Warsaw – Евро-2012 борьба

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