— Read Me — Valve dropped an update with GOTV and a few other features just in time for ESWC and Dreamhack Winter! I love it and can't wait to see the casters use GOTV to its full potential. Skill Group Emblems (thanks justwantedtoask): i.imgur.com Full Patch Notes: store.steampowered.com Stay Connected: ● Twitter: bit.ly ● Facebook:on.fb.me ● Steam: bit.ly ● Website: bit.ly Useful Links: ● How to Create Custom Buy Binds for CSGO: bit.ly ● How to Get a Free CS:GO Server w/ RCON: bit.ly ● Active CS:GO IRC Channels for Team Matches: bit.ly ● Recommended PC Gear You Should Be Using: bit.ly ● Help Support Hatton Games: bit.ly ● Get In Contact With Hatton Games: bit.ly Music: ● Dimension – Children Sponsors: ● Frag Radio: bit.ly
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CS:GO 25/10/12 Update: GOTV, Skill Group Emblems, Vote to Concede & Free Roam

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