Act of Valor Trailer: FPSRussia Shirts: Twitter: FaceBook: Explosive Targets: Its funny to see comments from people who think they should be able to see a rocket, the thing moves at over 800 feet per second. Even going frame by frame all you can see is a dull trace like line, oh well if you think its fake you're dumber than average have fun with that. The M4 is a transferable machine gun so it costs around $15000, the M21 is basically a modified M14 and cost around $2400 as is, the scope on it is a premiere and cost $3000, the LAW is a 37mm and is actually not even regulated, mine cost about $500 the rockets are the hard part haha. Oh and I saw the film about a month and a half ago at a private screening, my honestly opinion is its very good theres a lot of first person view combat with live ammo which has never been done before, and the action is as realistic as Ive ever seen on the big screen.
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